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It's 2021! Let's refresh Our CSS Flexbox Memory. Here's a Cheat Sheet of everything you can do with CSS flexbox to get started in 2021.

FlexBox Architecture

Flex Box model Architecture

FlexBox Chart --

Flex Box property Value Chart


The Direction/Orientation in which flex-items are distributed inside flex-container.

Flex Direction

Flex Direction


This property arranges flex-items along the MAIN AXIS inside the flex-container

justify content

justify content


This property arranges flex-items along the CROSS AXIS inside the flex-container. This is similar to justify-content

align content

align content


Distributes Flex-items along the Cross Axis

align items


align self

flex - grow | shrink | wrap

  • flex-grow : grows the size of a flex-item based on width of the flex-container.
  • flex-shrink : The ability for a flex item to shrink based on width of the flex-container. Opposite of flex-grow.
  • flex-wrap : Amount of Flex-item you want in a line/row.

flex grow flex shrink flex wrap

flex wrap flex grow flex shrink

Short Hands

Alt Text

  • flex : It is a shorthand to flex-grow, flex-shrink and flex-basis combined.
  • flex-basis : This is similar to adding width to a flex-item, but only more flexible. flex-basis: 10em; it will set the initial size of a flex-item to 10em. Its final size will be based on available space, flex-grow, and flex-shrink.

flex flex basis




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